AUBURN — Adding a part-time employee for the DeKalb County Health Department gained the backing of the DeKalb County Commissioners Monday.

The final decision will be up to the DeKalb County Council, which meets the next time Aug. 5.

Health Department Director and County Nurse Cheryl Lynch, RN, convinced the three commissioners she needs extra help. County Health Officer Mark Souder, M.D., supported Lynch’s request.

Commissioners endorsed adding an employee to work 28 hours every two weeks. Commissioner Don Grogg expressed concern that Lynch’s proposed pay scale of $16 per hour might be too low for the qualifications she is seeking.

Lynch said she would like to hire another registered nurse, who also could be trained to work with grants for the department.

Lynch said many duties have been added since she began her job six years ago, including vaccination programs to prevent flu and hepatitis.

“I need help,” Lynch said, adding that she monitors the department even during her vacations.

“I’m concerned about the Health Department if something would happen to me,” she added.

“If we don’t do something to help her, it’s too much for one person to do,” Souder told the commissioners.

One week ago, commissioners granted their support for adding a third environmental health specialist for the Health Department. They responded to Lynch’s report that the existing specialists are dealing with a growing workload, including restaurant inspections and approval of home septic systems. The County Council also must approve adding a health specialist.

Commissioners also authorized Sheriff David Cserep II to start plumbing repairs immediately at the DeKalb County Jail.

The jail has been dealing with drain backups since last winter. Commissioners pledged $20,000 toward the repair cost of $32,000. The DeKalb County Council will be asked to approve the remaining sum at its Aug. 5 meeting.

Workplace Solutions presented its recommendations for furnishings at the Community Corrections Center, which is scheduled to open this fall. Bassett Office Supply of Auburn will make its presentation next Monday.

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