ACRES acquires Greenhurst Commons

ACRES Land Trust announced Friday it has acquired Greenhurst Commons, a 110-acre urban nature preserve at 1740 N. Main St., Auburn.

AUBURN — ACRES Land Trust has acquired Greenhurst Commons, a 110-acre urban nature preserve in the City of Auburn, the agency announced in a news release.

The property was the grounds of the former Greenhurst golf course. When it went up for sale in 2013, Abby and Mark Millett and Rick and Vicki James worked to ensure the green space would remain intact. They purchased the property and opened paved trails for the public to enjoy. To ensure the natural area will continue to benefit the community for generations to come, they decided to protect Greenhurst Commons with ACRES. Once the nonprofit protects land, it will never sell or transfer the deed, ACRES said in the release.

“ACRES is Indiana’s first local land trust with a proven track record. ACRES not only will protect the land, but also will restore crucial habitat for native plants and animals. We are confident that with ACRES’ stewardship, Greenhurst Commons will be protected in perpetuity for all to enjoy,” Abby Millett said.

The trails are open to the public from dawn to dusk, with parking at 1740 N. Main St., Auburn, IN 46706. The entire trail system is paved, making it suitable for wheelchairs and other mobility devices, as well as bicycles.

The overall visitor experience will remain mostly unchanged under ACRES’ ownership. In the coming months, ACRES plans to update signage and route the trail into a loop system. Visitors may notice posted rules that help limit the impact on this natural area.

With the acquisition of Greenhurst Commons, ACRES now protects six properties and 571 acres in DeKalb County. This urban preserve also builds on ACRES’ work in the Cedar Creek Corridor. ACRES and other conservation partners protect over 1,600 acres along this scenic waterway.

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