WASHINGTON — U.S. Rep. Jim Banks on Friday proposed an amendment cutting all nondefense, discretionary spending by 14% in the Democrat majority’s appropriations package.

The amendment is the second of its kind offered by Banks on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives. A Republican from Columbia City, Banks represented the 3rd Congressional District of northeast Indiana.

“Cutting 14 cents on every dollar is the first step in reining government spending to begin tackling our $22 trillion debt,” Banks said in a news release. “As a father with three young daughters, I find it reprehensible to saddle their generation, and their children’s generation, with crippling debt just because we lacked fiscal discipline to address Washington’s spending problem ourselves.”

Banks added, “As Chairman of the Republican Study Committee Task Force on Budget and Spending, I was proud to lead the effort to produce a budget that would balance in six years and cut over $12.6 trillion in spending. To date, this is the only budget proposed in this Congress. Hoosiers across Indiana work hard to balance their checkbook, and I will fight tirelessly to make sure the government lives up to their example.”

Banks said the 14% cuts he proposes, when applied to all nondiscretionary accounts, would bring nondefense discretionary spending below the fiscal year 2020 cap set by the Budget Control Act.

A vote on Banks’ amendment to the State and Foreign Operations Division is scheduled for next week. Banks said he will continue to offer the same amendment to all nondefense discretionary accounts as the appropriations process moves forward.

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