Ham radio ACD Festival special event

These ham radio operators participated in the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Festival special event. In front, from left, with their call letters, are Brenda Plummer KD9GDX, Jeff DeLucenay KB9QG, Glenn Minser KD9NIT, Robin McNight KD9MGZ, Ken Strock KD9HMS and Pat Stemen KA9NVZ. In the second row are John Chalmers W9GOO, Tim Grube KD9MOL, Gary Clark KD9MCY, Dennis Brink KD9KMK, Roger Correa KC9IPL, Gary Carpenter N9GIS and Jim Plummer KD9GDY. In the third row are Jim McFall K9KXW and Don Lantz KD9KMJ.

AUBURN — For the past three years, the Northeastern Indiana Amateur Radio Association has honored the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Festival with a special-event amateur (ham) radio station.

This year, ham radio operators honored and promoted festival by announcing the event on Aug. 30 and 31 and Sept. 1.

“Licensed radio amateurs are allowed to announce and promote special events but are not permitted to charge or receive any monetary benefits. All ham radio activities are voluntary and in the interest of public service,” said special event chairman Jeff Delucenay, KB9QG.

For the first time, NIARA members made contact with other hams in all 50 states. In addition, 13 international stations were contacted, effectively blanketing the amateur airwaves with news of the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Festival and its activities.

Nearly 1,000 individual contacts were successful. Contacts are acknowledged with a certificate featuring a replica of the 2019 ACD Festival poster bearing the station’s official FCC call sign, K9A. Such certificates are coveted by Ham Radio operators.

“Being on the air continuously for extended periods can take its toll on the vocal chords,” said John Chalmers W9GOO, NIARA president. “Operators take turns announcing and entering calls to the logging system to relieve the stress. That makes for a truly enjoyable experience.”

NIARA welcomes inquiries from anyone interested in amateur radio. The association’s website, W9OU.org, has complete information and a contact form. General meetings are held at 8 a.m. on the first Saturday of each month at Richards Restaurant in Auburn, and visitors are always invited.

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