Save A Life Tour

Kayden Wisehart, in the foreground, experiences the effects of texting and driving in a virtual reality driving simulator. In the background, a driving simulator shows students the effects of impaired driving. The simulators were part of the International Save A Life Tour, which visited DeKalb High School Friday.

WATERLOO — DeKalb High School juniors experienced the potential effects of drinking and driving and texting and driving when the International Save A Life Tour visited the school Friday.

The safe driving program included hands-on texting and impaired driving virtual reality driving simulators, with the students behind the wheel.

“It all starts with a choice,” Hunter Miles of the Save A Life Tour told a group of students.

He reminded students that a person has a choice of getting behind the wheel after drinking or calling for a designated driver. A person also has the choice of whether to be distracted while driving. To avoid distractions, drivers can keep cell phones out of sight, of have them on modes that prevent them from receiving tests or answering while driving.

Other distractions while driving include excessively loud music, socializing and searching for directions on electronic devices, he added.

Today, there are too many resources to have excuses for drunken driving and distracted driving, Miles said.

Katie Witte’s experience behind the wheel of the impaired driving simulator resulted in her crashing.

“It was very wonky,” she said of her driving experience. “I was gripping the wheel.”

Witte said the exercise impressed on her the importance of not driving while impaired.

Kayden Wisehart said her experience in the driving simulator showed her the importance of paying attention to the road.

The Save A Life Tour describes itself as “a comprehensive high impact safe driving awareness program that informs, educates, and demonstrates the potentially deadly consequences resulting from poor choices and decisions made by the operator of a motor vehicle.”

The program specifically places emphasis on distracted driving, impaired driving, driver experience, improper driver behavior and seat belt use.

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