The trees in front of the J. Kruse Education Center are filled with lights in preparation for the Krusin Christmas at Kruse Plaza Christmas music light show, which will begin Saturday and run through Jan. 1.

AUBURN — A popular Auburn light display is moving and expanding in a big way this holiday season.

For the past decade, Auburn resident Matthew Toth has been wowing passers-by with his Christmas light display set to music in front of his home in Bear Creek Estates.

This year the show is moving to Kruse Plaza and will become northeast Indiana’s newest Christmas music light show. Krusin Christmas at Kruse Plaza will be unveiled Saturday and continue through Jan. 1.

With the move comes an expanded show featuring more than 100,000 lights synchronized to nine songs over 25 minutes. The light show will be operational Fridays and Saturdays from 6-11 p.m. and Sunday through Thursday from 6-10 p.m. There is a $10 charge per vehicle or $25 for a season pass with all proceeds going directly towards the J. Kruse Education Center.

Toth said his fascination with Christmas lights started as a little kid when he would help his father decorate the family home. It was always his goal when he had a house of his own to have his own display.

Over the past 10 years he has built his display into a popular Christmas stop on many family’s holiday adventures.

Toth said despite the traffic it brings to his neighborhood many of his neighbors said they will be disappointed to see the display move.

He admits though there will probably be some that are happy with the move.

Never fear though the Christmas light fanatic isn’t going to leave his house bare this holiday season.

“I cannot not put lights on the front of my house,” he said. “It will be a boring old light display.”

A sign will be placed in Toth’s front yard directing visitors to Kruse Plaza to take in the big show.

Toth said he started working on the project in April and the installation of the lights was just fully completed. The display will feature over 100,000 LED and Smart Pixel Lights.

The longest part of the project was programming the lights to this year’s music of choice. For every one minute of song it takes nearly four hours of programming.

He said with each additional year he hopes to grow the show and to have it known across the midwest.

“We would love to see it be a midwest destination for Christmas lights,” he said.

Kruse Plaza is located at 5634 Opportunity Blvd.

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