AUBURN — Their own enjoyment of the Christmas Stroll led Brian and Erin DeTray to become a host home this year.

The DeTrays, at 3531 Franklin Drive north of Auburn, and owners of three other homes will welcome guests for the stroll Saturday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

The Auburn Classic Noon Lions Club sponsors the stroll each year to raise money for its charities.

“We’ve always gone to the stroll since we’ve been in Auburn, for 19 years, now. And we just love decorating for Christmas, so I kind of volunteered ourselves,” Erin DeTray said. We knew they needed people opening their homes.”

“It’s always been a nice event. We’ve always enjoyed going to it, and so we always thought it would be fun to be part of it,” Brian DeTray said.

The DeTrays soon found that hard work precedes the fun.

“It was like, mid-October, and we hadn’t even done any kind of Halloween stuff … and here we are, decorating trees for Christmas,” Brian DeTray said.

The couple borrowed Christmas trees from a neighbor and relatives to gather a total of 11 decorated trees of 5 feet or taller.

They already owned the 12-foot tree that dominates their display. After moving into their home three years ago, they soon realized they needed a taller tree for their living room with its 17-foot ceiling.

“We’ve always decorated … but not to this extent. … It’s beautiful, we love it,” Erin said of the result of their labors.They were assisted by Rene Hassett of Woodland Designs.

“It looks really good,” Brian said. “We’re really happy the way things have turned out.”

Other homes on the stroll are:

• Adam and Carrie Day, 357 W. 7th St, decorated by the homeowners;

• Lois Light/Forget Me Not, 310 S. Main St., decorated by Forget Me Not/Judy Watson; and

• Dave and Deb Muzzillo, 5800 C.R. 427, decorated by Posey Barn Flowers/Jane Sprague.

In a new service this year, two buses will make a continuous loop to all the stops on the stroll from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The stroll also will visit 10 business or other public buildings:

• Auburn Atrium, 106 W. 6th St.;

• Auburn Presbyterian Church, 111 W. 12th St.;

• Birch & Bell Boutique, 115 N. Main St., Suite 102;

• Clarity Pools, 253 N. Grandstaff Drive;

• Classic City Cookies, 110 N. Main St.;

• Heavenly Creations, 210 N. Jackson St.;

• Kruse Plaza, 5634 Opportunity Blvd.;

• Lyn-Maree’s, 209 N. Main St.;

• Mad Anthony Tap Room, 114 N. Main St.;

• The Olive Twist, 203 N. Main St.; and

• Ratio Dance, 411 N. Indiana Ave.;

Ticket prices are $10 for advance sale; $12 on the day of the stroll, or $5 for one house at the homeowners’ door. Children younger than age 9 will be admitted free.

Advance tickets are on sale at Carbaugh Jewelers, Family Chiropractic, Jeremiah’s Brewed Awakenings and the businesses listed above as stops on the tour.

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