Alleged shooting site in Garrett

This property in the 100 block of South Harrison Street is the alleged site of a reported shooting in Garrett Monday. The tent has since been removed from the site.

GARRETT — The City of Garrett is continuing efforts to eliminate and rectify nuisance properties in the community — including the site of a shooting this week — according to a news release from city officials.

Several properties throughout the city have been identified and are being remedied, city officials said.

Mayor Todd Fiandt reported Thursday morning that a property in the 100 block of South Harrison Street, the site of a reported shooting incident on Monday, already had been on the radar of the city.

“Prior to the shooting, we served an unsafe property violation, as well as two nuisance code violations,” Fiandt said. “It’s a lengthy process once a property has been identified as a nuisance, but we have been, and will continue, to aggressively pursue these violations.”

A pole barn on the site originally was part of a property at 412 E. Keyser St., but was split off at some point. Currently, the property has been identified as an Unsafe Building Code violation due to inadequate facilities. The property owner is cooperating, according to officials. A tent on the property was removed within 24 hours of the shooting incident, according to the news release.

Fiandt said Garrett’s code enforcement process has become more efficient and effective over the last three years, but that community input is appreciated.

“We need neighbors and other citizens to report these properties to us. We value the input. It helps us continue to clean up our community,” Fiandt said.

Violations may be reported to Garrett Code Enforcement Officer Tara Smurr at 357-5151.

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