AUBURN — The Auburn Associate chapter of Tri Kappa met Oct. 13, at the Nazarene Church.

President Kathy Mettert called the meeting to order and led the chapter ritual. Secretary Stella Ostterstedt read the minutes from the March meeting and the June virtual/email meeting. Leslie Hamman gave the treasurer’s report and reviewed the budget for 2020-2021 which was approved in June.

Mettert gave a report about the chapter’s meeting with Province Officer Erwin Olinger and commended the audit committee’s work, completed July 14. She also shared news about the 30 blankets made by Retha Butler designated for the Woman’s Care Center.

Correspondence was read from Image of Hope, Hearten House, St. Martin’s Clinic and the Cheer Guild for donations made in the spring. A thank you letter was read from Caleb Nixon, recipient of the Joyce Eyler Scholarship. Lexie Day received the Nellie Weaver Scholarship.

Members remembered deceased members Betty Carbaugh, Eleanor Thomas, and Fran Mefford. Memorials have been sent. News about shut-ins was shared, with Mettert encouraging members to stay in touch with one another.

"Being a Tri Kappa has been one of the most important aspects of my life," she said. "It means a lot to me to know that anywhere in the state of Indiana I might go, I can find friends among other Kappa members."

Tri Kappa is a woman’s philanthropic organization that supports charity, culture and education. The organization, founded in 1901, has approximately 10,000 members and 140 chapters.

Currently, the associate chapter has 30 members, and the active chapter has 28. Mettert told about Alpha Pi's various projects, including the Christmas boutique, their recent mums plant sale, Pink Out, triathlon, and the current Christmas wreath fund raiser.

The main focus of the October meeting was a review of amendments proposed by state to be considered and voted upon at the state convention April 30 to May 2, 2021. The meeting adjourned, with Pam Woodruff winning the day's raffle. The next meeting will be Dec. 8, with hopes that a Christmas party can be held.

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