Outstanding seniors

DeKalb High School has announced the recipients of its Outstanding Senior department awards. From left are Travers Mason, science; Joseph Haupert, technology; Logan Jordan, business; Gabe Tobierre, music; Sophia Bell, mathematics; Eva Hallman, social studies; Carlie Taylor, vocational; Madeline Steck, English; and Ryann Mason, art.

WATERLOO — DeKalb High School’s seniors received scholarships and awards valued at more than $1 million during the school’s Senior Awards Night program Monday, May 2.

Community scholarships

Dr. James R. Watson Memorial Scholarship — Mia Armey.

James R. Watson Student Leadership Team Scholarship — Brooklyn Clark and Paige Snider.

James R. Watson PTO Scholarship — Colton Eads and Alexis Leco.

Recker Family Basketball Scholarship — Connor Penrod.

Auburn Associate Tri Kappa/Joyce Eyler Memorial Scholarship — Paige Snider.

Auburn Associate Tri Kappa/Nelie Weaver Scholarship — Mia Armey.

Delta Kappa Gamma Scholarship — Mahayla Parker.

Auburn Classic Noon Lions Club, Leo Club Scholarship — Maddison Linker.

Auburn Classic Noon Lions Club, Craig Taylor Vocal Scholarship — Sophia Bell and Eva Hallman.

Auburn Lions Club Scholarship — Maddison Linker.

Auburn Kiwanis Scholarship — Connor Penrod and Vincent Worden.

Auburn Kiwanis Good Citizen Award — Maddison Linker and Travers Mason.

Auburn Knights of Columbus Scholarship — Anna Filutze and Travers Mason.

Auburn Rotary Club, Kelso Davis Memorial Scholarship — Jade Allen.

Chad Uehlein Memorial Scholarship — Landon Armstrong.

Country Meadow Parent Lighthouse Team Scholarship — Carlie Taylor.

DeKalb Chamber Partnership Scholarship — Eva Hallman.

DeKalb County Extension Homemakers Scholarship — Colton Eads.

DeKalb Dramatic Arts Scholarship — Sophia Bell.

DeKalb Speech Team Scholarship — Eva Hallman.

DeKalb Educators Association Scholarship — McKenna Houser and Mahayla Parker.

DeKalb Young Farmers Scholarship — Carlie Taylor.

Dr. Michael K. Webb Memorial Scholarship — Landon Armstrong.

Drive Right Academy Inc. Scholarship — Allison Kneller and Alexis Leco.

Hicksville Bank Scholarship — Colton Eads.

Robert and Rhoda Little Scholarship — Jade Allen and Vincent Worden.

The Peoples Charitable Foundation Marcile Watson and Marie Schulthess Scholarship — Mahayla Parker.

The James Foundation Scholarship — Connor Penrod.

Kenneth M. Smith Scholarship — Meghan Hinkle.

Craig Koenig Memorial Scholarship — Mia Armey, Eva Hallman and Maddison Linker.

Shane Lewis Scholarship — Alden Lewis.

McKenney-Harrison PTO Marilyn Gurtner Scholarship — Aliyah Kern and Logan Wilson.

Michael Durst Memorial Scholarship — Mahayla Parker.

National Honor Society — Maddison Linker.

Nucor Foundation Scholarship and Education Fund — Jace Benson, Morgan Everage, Jamie Gentis, Kayla Grogg, Logan Jordan, Ryann Mason, Laci Munger, Isaac Slone and Cameron Thompson.

Son of the American Legion DeKalb Squadron 97 — Landon Armstrong, Colton Eads, Daphne Gramling, Eva Hallman, Gage Schnelker and Logan Wilson.

Steel Dynamics Scholarship — Ava Harris, Jadyn Jacobs, Brayton Schackow, Jonathan Snyder and Alizae Wolfe.

Tri Kappa Academic Scholarship — Eva Hallman, Maddison Linker and Travers Mason.

Tri Kappa Community Service Scholarship — Maddison Linker and Carlie Taylor.

Trine University Scholarships — Jacob Lautzenhiser, Jacob Ley, Carter VanGessel, Akita Walker, Riley White and Vincent Worden.

Waterloo Lions Club Scholarships — academic, Maddison Linker; vocational, Jade Allen.

Wible Realty Vocational Scholarship — Jadyn Jacobs.


Community Foundation of DeKalb County

Aim High Scholarship — Sophia Bell.

The Raymond, Luella and David Aschleman Scholarship Fund — Carlie Taylor.

Ben Davis Memorial Scholarship — Nicholas Conrad.

The Bunge Athletic Scholarship — Maddison Linker and Travers Mason.

DeKalb County Master Gardeners Scholarship — Carlie Taylor.

Rex Feller Memorial Scholarship — Travers Mason.

Chuck Fifer Memorial Scholarship — Sophia Bell.

Jack and Sharon Hannes Scholarship — Marcus Smith.

Barbara Herzer Scholarship — Sophia Bell.

Carol L. Hill Memorial Scholarship — Sophia Bell.

Lynn and Josephine Holsinger Scholarship — Ryann Mason and Ryleigh Marquardt.

Jane Elmira Mullen Kempf Communications Scholarship — Eva Hallman.

JaBraun Knox Scholarship — Travers Mason.

Don Lash Memorial Scholarship — Travers Mason.

Laurie Family Golf Scholarship — Jackson Barth

The Imogene Mavis Music Scholarship — Sophia Bell.

Stanley G. and Rose I. Means — Travers Mason, Sophia Bell, Eva Hallman, Marcus Smith and Maddison Linker.

Lucas A. Oberkiser Scholarship — Landon Armstrong.

Jessica Otterstedt Memorial Scholarship — Ryann Mason.

Derek L. Padilla Scholarship, Football — Landon Armstrong.

Derek L. Padilla Scholarship — Eva Hallman.

Parker Merit Scholarship — Marcus Smith.

Walter S. Penfield Scholarship — Travers Mason.

Dr. Keith E. Perry Memorial Scholarship Fund — Ryleigh Marquardt.

Randinelli Family Instrumental Music Scholarship — Sophia Bell.

Donald Ruegsegger Scholarship for Christian Leadership — Travers Mason.

Dr. James Spink Memorial Scholarship — Travers Mason.

Starkey Science Scholarship — Gavin Kling.

Walters Family Memorial Scholarship — Carlie Taylor.

Robert and Virginia White Scholarship — Travers Mason.

Pat Zakula Legacy Fund — Ryleigh Marquardt


DeKalb High School Awards

AP Scholars — Mia Armey, Colton Eads, Eva Hallman, McKenna Houser, Alexis Leco, Isaac Slone, Marcus Smith, Brenna Spangler, Dorian Underwood and Vincent Worden.

AP Scholars with Honors — Allison Kneller, Jacob Ley, Maddison Linker, Travers Mason, Gabe Tobierre and Caleigh Yarian.

AP Scholar with Distinction — Sophia Bell.

Art League Scholarship — Allison Cook, Ava Harris and Ryann Mason.

Scholastic Key Award — Ava Harris, 1 Gold Key and 1 Silver Key; Alden Lewis, 2 Silver Keys.

National Merit Scholarship Finalists — Sophia Bell, Katherine Squiller and Vaiden Squiller.

C.E. Young Award/Pepsi Scholarship — Landon Armstrong.

Oren Grandstaff Pepsi Award — Brenna Spangler.

DeKalb New Tech Awards:

Responsibility Award — Bryonna Steckley.

Respect Award — Brooklyn Clark.

Leadership Award — Madeline Steck.

Community-Minded Award — Brayton Schackow.

Jobs for American Graduates — Oustanding Senior, Meghan Hinkle; Entrepreneurship Plan first place, Chloe Bess.

Community Foundation of DeKalb County Voices of Philanthropy Award — Travers Mason.

Foreign Exchange Students — Ava Bartsch from Germany, Matilde Bolognesi from Italy, Lilly Budde from Germany, Simon Lassenius from Sweden, Guenaelle Neefs from Belgium, Joanna Niewolna from Poland and Alice Planche from France.

The Director’s Award for CHORUS — Dorian Underwood

National School Choral Award — Sophia Bell and Eva Hallman.

John Phillip Sousa Award — Kayden Slone.

Louis B. Armstrong Award — Kyra Sells.

Patrick S. Gilmore Award — Brooklyn Clark and Paige Fleming.

Rex and Rosemary Moore, Lyn Cook Scholarship — Travers Mason.

Outstanding Achievement in Dramatic Theater — Sophia Bell.

Outstanding Achievement in Musical Theater — Gabe Tobierre.

Outstanding Achievement in Technical Theater — Joseph Haupert.

Outstanding Senior Art Department — Ryann Mason.

Outstanding Senior Business Department — Logan Jordan.

Outstanding Senior English Department — Madeline Steck.

Outstanding Senior Mathematics Department — Sophia Bell.

Outstanding Senior Science Department — Travers Mason.

Outstanding Senior Social Studies Department — Eva Hallman.

Outstanding Senior Technology Department — Joseph Haupert.

Outstanding Senior Vocational Department — Carlie Taylor.

Presidential Silver Award — Anamarie Badongen, Jace Benson, Landen Brown, Nicholas Conrad, Ava Harris, Gwendolyn Hays, Meghan Hinkle, Bryce Hoyer, Ryan Jauregui, Nathan Kasinger, Olivia Kelley, Gavin Kling, Lucas LaRowe, Hope Moring, Gavin Morr, Elizabeth Moss, Hannah Puglise, Parker Reinoehl, Brayton Schackow, Kyra Sells, Christian Smith, Zachary Squires, Caiden Tellez, Addie Towle, Carter VanGessel, Anastacia Wagner and Nathaniel Williams.

Presidential Gold Award — Jade Allen, Mia Armey, Landon Armstrong, Jackson Barth, Sophia Bell, Lauren Blythe, Jayla Brown, Isabella Brunson, Brooklyn Clark, Allison Cook, Ella Cruz, Lucas Days, Colton Eads, Morgan Everage, Anna Filutze, Jamie Gentis, Daphne Gramling, Jesse Graves, Emily Guerrero, Eva Hallman, Alayna Hartke, Joseph Haupert, Brantley Hickman, McKenna Houser, Jadyn Jacobs, Logan Jordan, Aliyah Kern, Allison Kneller, Jacob Lautzenhiser, Alexis Leco, Alden Lewis, Hope Lewis, Jacob Ley, Maddison Linker, Ryann Mason, Travers Mason, Grant McAfee, Faith Miller-Brake, Laci Munger, Brendon Oberkiser, Aiden Orlikowski, Mahayla Parker, Connor Penrod, Bo Potter, Paige Rowe, Gage Schnelker, Marcus Smith, Paige Snider, Brenna Spangler, Vaiden Squiller, Katherine Squiller, Madeline Steck, Bryonna Steckley, Landon Sturtevant, Carlie Taylor, Anthony Tobierre, Kyle Toyias, Dorian Underwood, Josiah VanderHorst, Tricia Wonderly, Vincent Worden and Caleigh Yarian.

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