AUBURN — More than 160 delinquent properties in DeKalb County will go up for sale on Wednesday during the DeKalb County tax sale.

The 162 properties have close to $1 million in unpaid property taxes. The sale will begin at 10 a.m. Wednesday in the Commissioner’s Court located on the second floor of the DeKalb County Courthouse.

In Indiana, the county treasurer and auditor are required to sell tax liens on delinquent properties that remain unpaid from the prior year’s spring installment. DeKalb County will offer the tax sale certificates at a public sale that is not less than the total amount due in delinquent taxes, costs and penalties.

“The purpose of this Tax Sale is to offer these delinquent properties in order to collect back taxes to help fund local government services,” said Jan Bauman, county auditor.

The largest delinquent account in this year’s sale is a commercial structure in Ashley owned by M.E. & M.J., LLC III. The property has a lien of $116,843.76, with an adjacent property having a lien of $41,279.45.

US Railroad Vest Corp., a property management company has over 20 properties in the sale and Intec Group LLC has three in Waterloo.

In addition to serving as a source for local governments to collect unpaid property taxes, tax sales also serve as an opportunity for real estate investors to earn interest income upon redemption of the property within one year from the sale, or take title to the property through a post-tax sale process that involves petitioning the local court for a tax deed.

Persons interested in viewing a list of properties available at the sale or registering as a bidder for the sale should visit and read the information regarding tax sales.

The 2020 tax sale resulted in the collection of $403,539 from owners and buyers.

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