Franz Karate award winners

Students of Franz Karate in Auburn hold the awards they received as regional winners at a banquet in Kokomo.

AUBURN — Franz Karate students recently traveled to Kokomo to be recognized for completing the 2018-2019 competitive season, with regional martial arts titles being bestowed on several individuals.

During a banquet at the Elite Conference Center, hosted by the Professional Karate Commission, these competitors were recognized for their hard work and dedication to martial arts with regional champion titles:

• Autumn Litchfield, 3rd in Weapons, 4th in Kumite; Jayden Fields 7th Weapons, 3rd in Kumite;

• Carter Psurny, 1st in Weapons, 1st in Sport Kenjutsu;

• Timmy Font, 2nd Weapons, 1st Kata, 1st Kumite, 1st Sport Kenjutsu; Michelle Kilgore 1st Weapons, 1st Kata, 1st Kumite, 2nd Sport Kenjutsu;

• Danielle Kilgore, 4th Weapons, 5th Kata, 8th Sport Kenjutsu;

• Rachael Kilgore 4th Weapons, 5th Kata, 4th Sport Kenjutsu, 3rd Kumite;

• Douglas Kilgore 4th Weapons, 3rd Kata, 5th Sport Kenjutsu, 3rd Kumite.

Franz Karate was recognized at the fourth runner-up for overall points in PKC Region 2.

Since 1991, Franz Karate has produced more than 60 champion-level elite martial artists winning everything from state titles in Indiana and Ohio to world champion titles among various organizations.

Two students from Franz Karate are recognized as Elite Level competitors in PKC Region 2. Michelle Kilgore was inducted as a PKC Rising Star in 2019, and Timothy Font was inducted this year. PKC Rising Star inductions are to recognize the absolute best martial artists for their dedication, excellence in abilities and incredible character, said instructor Steven Franz.

Michelle Kilgore is a multiple-time regional and national karate champion at the age of 8, and Timothy Font is a regional and national champion, also at the age of 8. Both students have been training with Franz Karate for several years.

Franz Karate has been teaching the martial arts in this area since opening its doors in 1991 and has dojos are in Bryan, Ohio, and Auburn. Owner and master instructor Steven Franz, is a multiple-time world karate champion and 11-time hall of fame inductee, being awarded the Ambassador of Martial Arts title in 2010.

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