Leith of Tunisia made potato pancakes Tunisian style last week in the home of his host parents, Terry and Grace Housholder of Kendallville.

For a festive touch, Leith of Tunisia sprinkled his potato pancakes with grated cheese. He served them warm with whole milk Greek yogurt mixed…

During this social distancing and sheltering in place experience, I have been receiving humorous videos, photographs and cartoons from family …

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The main website for information about the YES is yesprograms.org - the other two websites I listed in the column are helpful, too, of course!


This is an amazing story! I greatly enjoyed it and I would love to meet him someday!


This is a beautiful and amazing story! Thank you to the fire chief! We are so blessed to live in caring communities with skilled people who can come to our aid!


There are 10 photos that go with this article and they will be added on Monday.


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This is a message the Michael posted on his Facebook page. He asked me to share it with others so here it is!

Hi, Facebook Friends!
So, in this busy time of year, I have a little favor to ask if you have a moment (and it’s OK if you don’t!). As many of you know, Mike and I were car…


Zainab's actual quote was "Make sure you ask questions — that's the fun part!"


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Here are the links:




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During the coming weeks we will be posting many more photos; they will accompany articles that will appear on the Sunday Religion page, beginning July 5, about our experiences in the Holy Land — the inspiring people we met, the Holy sites, the cities and towns and farms.


I received this from my brother-in-law, a former KPC reporter -- this is how he rewrote a few paragraphs:

You left out some important details in your recollection of the Blizzard of '78!

On the last block of East Mitchell Street, about a block from The News Sun, the wind was so s…


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I love this photo and Dawson's plans -- I hope no one bursts his bubble too soon about the unicorn job! It's a great goal!